What HostGator Customers Are Saying in Their 2015 Web Hosting Reviews

Have you heard about HostGator from your webmaster friends and colleagues? Are you curious about what their customers have to say about one of the leading web hosts in the market today? Reading the web hosting reviews about the company would be a good start on your journey to get to know the web host better. Doing so will also help you decide if you and the company and its services are a good match.

HostGator is an easy favorite among the webmasters and website owners who use their services. Most of them only have good things to say about the web host.
The customers are happy with the overall experience that HostGator has given. Some have been with the web host for years and have enjoyed their time immensely. They are particularly happy that the company offers affordable web hosting packages and at a 99.9% uptime guarantee at that. They enjoy the services of the company with extensive discounts and promotion and are impressed with their uptime guarantee.
A customer talked about how a 60% discount off a HostGator web hosting package was the reason he decided to try the company’s services. It turned out that the company is more than just a generous web host. He’s happy with his increased page speed, quick response to his questions and other concerns, and the lack of major disruptions to his website’s operations. When he encountered problems due to cache running plugins, the support desk was quick to resolve the issue.

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Another customer award 5 stars to HostGator’s customer support system. He is more than satisfied with how effective and quick the team was in giving him assistance with any hosting problems. He found the company after reading positive reviews about it and his own experience has proven just how true those reviews are.
Even if there are a few complaints about some delays in the live chat customer support aspect of the company, HostGator is likely working on this area now. A few customers have complained about how they have to wait for 30 minutes before getting a response from a live chat agent. If you want a quicker reply, it would be better to phone your concerns in.
According to the reviews, the customers are especially happy about getting unlimited features for such an affordable price. You can even add new domains to your account without having to upgrade hosting. One customer wrote that in all three years that he has been with the web host, he has never experienced his website going down.
A customer also wrote about how quick the chat support team was in assisting him with his WordPress blog issues. The team was even informative when it comes to educating him about all the useful plugins that he could install to improve the speed of his website. The tickets he sent to the company usually have a 6- to 12-hour window before the customer support team sends a reply. He was especially thankful that the technicians were more than willing to help him transfer his website to HostGator, as they gave him a step-by-step process.
The web hosting reviews only show just how much HostGator can help their customers and all their hosting concerns. read more


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