League of Legends – Toxic Game?

Of all of the games I’ve played actively and competitively over the years, League of Legends has remained my steadfast, go-to choice. No doubt, the game is simple enough that anyone can really enjoy playing it casually and leaves enough room to reward skillful players at the highest level. This is probably why the game has made record profits with micro transactions, outselling even the titan known as World of Warcraft. I’ll probably keep playing the game for many years to come, and I don’t ever see myself quitting despite the occasionally toxic community member talking abusively to me in quick matches.

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Because I’m a high-ranked player and many of my friends simply aren’t, it can be a bit difficult to enjoy some casual gaming with them on League. As a result, I often have to seek out sellers on gaming forums to buy smurf accounts in bulk. I’ve even purchased some accounts that have a huge variety of skins and rewards for my own personal use. Buy lol account kaufen. Suffice it to say, I’ve dealt with a lot of sellers in the industry and I’ve had quite a few bad experiences. There’s a lot of PayPal scammers out there looking to make money off of you. They’ll sell you an account, wait six months, and then retract the account and keep the payment.

One company however I’ve never had a problem with. They have been professional with every transaction and they have instant account delivery. As soon as your payment clears, you receive the login information for your new LoL account. It’s nice to work with a company that actually likes to deliver on promises for once. Best of all, you don’t have to deal with any Chinese tech support who don’t even play the game or speak English. The company’s based in America but deals in all regions, as they list accounts that players sell to them. 10/10 in terms of every aspect of the business. Would recommend them to anyone. read more

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